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‚Äč1. Teaching Techniques: The main focus of this course is on acquiring a set of useful teaching techniques that you can use when you teach English here in the U.S. or overseas. Through a series of lively and interactive sessions, you will experience these techniques first hand.

2. Classroom Experience: A significant portion of this course will be devoted to visiting and taking part in real ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. This will include not only observing professional teachers in action, but also leading activities, planning and teaching lessons, and assisting in the classroom to gain invaluable practical experience.  For teaching practice, trainer feedback will be provided.

3. Foreign Language Experience: You will have several lessons in an unknown language taught solely in that language. This will put you into the role of a beginning language learner and will give you some valuable insights into teaching and learning a foreign language.

4. General Grammar and Phonology: As an English teacher, it is important to acquire a deeper understanding of grammatical and phonological functions as they relate to teaching English.  In addition, strategies will be introduced for how to teach grammar in meaningful contexts. 

5. Second Language Acquisition Theory: Although this course is practical in nature, some exposure to second language acquisition theory will be included in order to provide participants with a basic theoretical background. 

Course Dates and Cost

The cost of the program, which includes course materials, is $1,800.


Course Dates

Our next course will take place in Boulder, Colorado.

          - May 15 to June 8, 2018 (Small-group intensive program)

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in applying to the program.  


"I did the TEFL training at One World Training in Boulder, CO. With Dieter's help I found an excellent teaching position at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology in beautiful Hangzhou, China. In February I started teaching oral English to wonderful English majors and I am now enjoying my second term. The balanced and fun training I received at One World Training allowed me to easily find a great job and confidently start teaching, even though I had no prior teaching experience. I highly recommend TEFL, teaching in China, One World Training and especially experiencing Dieter Bruhn's enthusiasm."

- Paul B., China

"I highly recommend the One World Training TEFL course to anyone who is interested in improving their skills as an English teacher. This course provided all the basic, necessary skills needed to teach English in a short amount of time. Because I had teaching experience before I enrolled in the course and continued to teach afterwards, I was able to see a major improvement in my teaching ability. My classes were more dynamic and creative after taking this training course. Most importantly, this course helped me achieve my dream of teaching English in Mexico. The One World Training course has been a springboard for me into a career of teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages."

- Jill L., Mexico


"I took the One World Training TEFL course a few months after returning from teaching English in China.  As the class progressed, there were many times that I wished I had taken this class before my year abroad.  The small-group format allowed for much discussion and activities.  Dieter taught for many years in foreign countries and has a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience from which to draw.  His sense of humor and relaxed, yet serious, approach created an environment conducive to focused learning.  Patti greatly impressed me with her knowledge of teaching grammar and pronunciation, and her feedback was invaluable in helping me improve my teaching. In addition to our classroom sessions, we also observed actual ESL classes in the community.  Moreover, we had the opportunity to prepare our own lessons and to student-teach in elementary, high school and adult classes.  Dieter and Patti, as well as the other ESL teachers, provided feedback so we could fine-tune our methods.  This was especially helpful.  I will soon be leaving to teach English in Japan and feel much more prepared and confident in my abilities after the the One World Training TEFL Certificate course."

- Robyn C., Japan


TEFL Certificate Program

One World Training offers internationally recognized one-month, 120-hour TEFL Certificate programs that give you the tools you need to teach English successfully overseas or here in the U.S. This innovative and hands-on training, which focuses on creating dynamic and engaging classrooms, consists of the following components: